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Buy the best bluetooth module from Elecbee, from the brand OEM wholesale, the same quality, more affordable price, and 30 days worry-free return and exchange.
Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0080
          Product Features: Tags:Bluetooth Decoder Board MP3, Bluetooth 4.1, Power Amplifier Modification, Circuit Board, PCB Mount Support Bluetooth 4.1, support automatic callback, support WAV + APE + FLAC + MP3 lossless decoding, stereo output. Power supply: 3.7-5V Signal to noise ratio: 90dB Tot..
Ex Tax:$5.83
Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0071
        Product Features: Tags:Bluetooth Power Amplifier Board, Bluetooth 4.0, TDA7492P, Audio Receiver, CSR, Power Amplifier Board, PCB Mount CSR4.0 Bluetooth module, power amplifier chip adopts ST TDA7492P; 24 V power supply, power output range DC12-25 w + 25 w; Bluetooth and power amplifier direc..
Ex Tax:$17.62
Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0081
          Product Features: Tags:Bluetooth Decoder Board MP3, Bluetooth 4.1, Power Amplifier Modification, Circuit Board, XY-BT-Mini, PCB Mount Set a Bluetooth connection password to prevent others from accidentally connecting; Ultra-small size, easy to embed and modify products; Two-channel stereo ..
Ex Tax:$3.50
Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0086
               Product Features: Tags:Bluetooth Audio Receiver, Bluetooth 4.0, Stereo, Amplifier Modification, DIY Module, PCB Mount, 5V The module has a stereo output, a simple built-in Bluetooth antenna structure, a 5V power supply voltage, and the Bluetooth connection function is added to the act..
Ex Tax:$3.62
Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0067
Product Features: Bluetooth Module, MH-MX8, Wireless Bluetooth 4.2, Stereo, Dual Channel, MH-M28, HIFI DIY Modification Support Bluetooth 4.2 transmission, dual-channel stereo lossless playback; Bluetooth wireless transmission can be realized quickly, which is very convenient; In an open environment..
Ex Tax:$5.08
Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0063
       Product Features: Tags:Bluetooth Module, JDY-63, Stereo, Dual Channel, Audio Module, PCB Mount The voltage range is 4.2 to 5V, and cannot exceed 5V; Power GND; Left channel output; Right channel output; High level when mute, usually low level; Empty needle; High Quality with 30 days 100% Mone..
Ex Tax:$3.21
Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0021
Product Features: Digital-to-analog Converter, Stereo DAC, PLL Voice Module, 3.5mm Jack, 24-bit Digital Audio Module, PCB Mount The new PCM5102A DAC sound card board PHAT 3.5mm stereo jack 24-bit digital audio module, suitable for Raspberry Pi beyond ES9023; The DAC module provides Raspberry Pi with..
Ex Tax:$10.50
Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0076
Module Parameters: Model: ZK-118 Power supply mode: USB 5V Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0 + EDR specification Output mode: USB port + 3.5mm audio interface Receiving distance: 20m Product size: 56.5mm*24mm*11mm Instructions for use: Connection with speakers The speaker does not have a USB interfac..
Ex Tax:$9.04
Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0074
          Product Features: Tags:Bluetooth Audio Transmitter and Receiver, Bluetooth 5.0, HiFi Sound Quality, Aptx Computer Audio Car Adapter This extremely lightweight, lightweight wireless audio transmitter and receiver is an ideal wireless audio solution for various situations and uses; Transmitt..
Ex Tax:$9.33
Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0072
         Product Features: Tags:Bluetooth Audio Receiver, XH-M226, USB Powered, Bluetooth 4.0, Wireless Speaker Name: Bluetooth USB Audio Module Model: XH-M226 Transmission rate: 500Kbps Power supply type: USB power supply Audio port: 3.5mm Transmission distance: 20 meters Appearance size: 42 x 18.5..
Ex Tax:$6.59
Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0077
          Product Features: Tags:ZIGBEE Module, BLE Transparent Transmission Module, Bluetooth MESH, Networking Lights, PCB Mount Support the transmission of Android and IOS phones; Support one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many data transmission and control; Support network LED light (26 scene ..
Ex Tax:$4.32
Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0060
     Product Features: Tags:Bluetooth Module, JDY-24M, MESH Networking Module, Zigbee Module, BLE Module, Data Transparent Transmission, PCB Mount Support transparent data transmission through mobile phone (IOS, Android) APP (working current is about 1mA); Support module and module master-slave high..
Ex Tax:$5.78
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