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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0003
Product Features: Relay Module, 2 Way, 5V, USB Interface, Control Switch, PCB Mount Military-grade PCB board production; Onboard square USB interface, stable connection; Use imported high-performance USB control chip with 2 channels; HID technology is used, no driver needs to be installed, and it is..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0102
Product Features: Wireless Serial Port Transparent Transmission, 2.4G, JDY-40, Integrated Transceiver, Communication Module, Over 24L01 JDY-40 is developed with 2.4G technology, the sight distance is 120 meters; using serial port communication interface, using simple and fast; High Quality with 30 d..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0090
  Product Features: Wireless Transceiver Module, 2.4G, Anti-interference, 3.3V, Low Power Consumption, Over 24L01 Cost-effective 2.4G communication module; Reduce the board volume, reduce the routing; Suitable for toys, aircraft models and other products transceivers; High Quality with 30 days 100% ..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0120
Module Parameters: Voltage: 3.3V It's for 8 Pin NRF24L01+ Module A simple socket board which is for NRF24L01 wireless module On-board AMS1117-3.3 chip It can be used with NRF24L01 wireless module Dimension: 26 x 19 x 12mm Note: Wireless module operating voltage is generally 3.3V, while 51 microcont..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0047
     Product Features: Tags:3D Printer Accessories, TMC2208, Stepper Motor Driver Module, 256 Subdivisions, PCB Mount De haute qualité et ultra-silencieux.; La température de travail est élevée. Sans ventilateur, la température de fonctionnement est d'environ 70 degrés en 0,5 A et de plus de 150 deg..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0045
  Product Features: Tags:3D Printer, RAMPS, 1.4 Control Panel, Printer Control, RepRap Prusa Mendel, PCB Mount La carte RAMPS 1.4 est conçue pour s'adapter à l'ensemble de l'électronique nécessaire pour un RepRap; RAMPS interface un Mega avec la puissante plate-forme MEGA et a beaucoup de place pour..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0046
   Product Features: Tags:3D Printer, RAMPS, 1.4 Control Panel, Smart Controller, LCD Control Screen, PCB Mount prise USB de type B; Ajout de carte SD disponible; Convient à 5 cartes de commande pas à pas Pololu; Extensible pour contrôler d'autres accessoires; Commande de lit chauffant avec fusible ..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0048
    Product Features: Tags:3D Printer Accessories, DRV8825, Stepper Motor Driver Module, StepStick, PCB Mount Simple step and direction control interface; This interface can be directly connected to 3.3V and 5V systems; Support overheating and thermal shutdown, overcurrent shutdown and undervoltage ..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0005
Product Features: AD Keyboard Module, Five Key Module, PCB Mount Allows to use the analog port to read the five key states (saved as Arduino IO port); Use the Arduino sensor expansion board to interact with multiple buttons. 5 buttons occupy one analog port, saving resources High-quality Omron butto..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0080
          Product Features: Tags:Bluetooth Decoder Board MP3, Bluetooth 4.1, Power Amplifier Modification, Circuit Board, PCB Mount Support Bluetooth 4.1, support automatic callback, support WAV + APE + FLAC + MP3 lossless decoding, stereo output. Power supply: 3.7-5V Signal to noise ratio: 90dB Tot..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0071
        Product Features: Tags:Bluetooth Power Amplifier Board, Bluetooth 4.0, TDA7492P, Audio Receiver, CSR, Power Amplifier Board, PCB Mount CSR4.0 Bluetooth module, power amplifier chip adopts ST TDA7492P; 24 V power supply, power output range DC12-25 w + 25 w; Bluetooth and power amplifier direc..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0081
          Product Features: Tags:Bluetooth Decoder Board MP3, Bluetooth 4.1, Power Amplifier Modification, Circuit Board, XY-BT-Mini, PCB Mount Set a Bluetooth connection password to prevent others from accidentally connecting; Ultra-small size, easy to embed and modify products; Two-channel stereo ..
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