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Model: E-201-2466
Product Description J-Pipe for easy installation of exterior antenna is a fully adjustable J-Pipe mount for external antennas. It can be used on a flat or a sloped roof, chimney, or exterior wall of home or building. This universal antenna pole mounting assembly is one of the commonly chosen antenna..
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Model: E-201-2456
Product Description 2G and 3G 1900 MHz Single Band Yagi Antenna. It works with 50 Ohm systems. It is an outdoor directional antenna. Part number SureCall SC-230-1900/ Cellphone-Mate CM-230-1900. It provides antenna reception Gain of 14 dB on 1850 MHz to 1990 MHz frequency band. It has a Type N-Femal..
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Model: E-201-2508
Product Description Two point antenna mounting bracket kit with down-tilt option. This 2-point mounting and downtilt bracket can be used with various BSA, LPA and WPA series antennas. It fits 2.0-4.0 inch outside diameter (OD) Pipe. Made by Made by Amphenol Antenna Solutions that specializes in BTS..
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Model: E-201-2455
Product Description J-pole mount antenna mast has 20 inches long pole. It is suitable for any outdoor antenna with 1 inch diameter mounting. It has a pivoting foot which enables easy installation on vertical, horizontal, or angle surfaces. It can be mounted on anywhere such as eave, roof, deck raili..
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Model: E-201-2450
Product Description 3 feet Tripod Antenna Mount with 2 inches Mast Pipe. It can be used as a portable dish mount to mount signal booster antenna, a direct-broadcast satellite (DBS), or any type of TV antenna. This is a heavy duty galvanized steel tripod to withstand even the harshest outdoor element..
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Model: E-201-2502
Product Description Whip Style Terminal Antenna with SMA Connector | weBoost 311159 Wilson Electronics / WilsonPro. 3 dBi Dual Band Terminal Antenna for Signal Meter with SMA Male Connector. Wilson weBoost model # 311159 is dual band terminal antenna that works with our Wilson RF Signal Meter (46011..
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Model: E-201-2491
Product Description Ultra-Wideband Indoor Multi-Directional Ultra-Thin Dome Antenna. 5G antenna designed to blend seamlessly into any environment. Consider 4G ultra thin dome antenna version for almost half the price. This 5G SureCall Ultra-Thin Antenna is a low-profile ceiling-mount dome antenna fo..
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Model: E-201-2490
Product Description Ultra-Wideband Indoor Uni-Directional Panel Antenna. 5G antenna designed to provide maximum coverage throughout indoor areas. Consider 4G panel antenna version for almost half the price. This 5G SureCall Panel Antenna is a high-gain directional antenna for in-building cell phone ..
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Model: E-201-2489
Product Description Ultra-Wideband Outdoor Multi-Directional Omni Antenna. 5G antenna designed for maximum flexibility with multiple carriers and cell towers in most environments. Consider 4G omni antenna version for almost half the price. This 5G SureCall Omni Antenna is an omni-directional fibergl..
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Model: E-201-2488
Product Description Ultra-Wideband Outdoor Uni-Directional Yagi Antenna. SureCall Yagi 5G antenna has been designed for maximum performance. SureCall 5G Yagi antenna is a high-gain directional outdoor antenna with a range of up to 30 miles for the most remote signal booster applications. The Ultra-W..
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Model: E-201-2498
Product Description High Wind Resistant Round Grid Parabolic Antenna (Cell 4G+LTE+5G+Wi-Fi 600-6500 MHZ Freq., Up to 26 dB Gain) This is a professional high wind resistance version to prepare for anticipated Global Warming extreme weather conditions. The circular metal grid of this ultra directional..
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Model: E-201-2492
Product Description Wideband 2 Log Periodic MIMO Antennae & a Mounting Bracket for Both. Made in USA, this 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G 600MHz to 6000MHz (6 GHz) wide-band dual log periodic dipole array (LPDA) antenna features a mounting bracket and provides twice the MIMO coverage thanks to its wideband des..
Ex Tax:$695.00
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