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Expansion Board

Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0005
Product Features: AD Keyboard Module, Five Key Module, PCB Mount Allows to use the analog port to read the five key states (saved as Arduino IO port); Use the Arduino sensor expansion board to interact with multiple buttons. 5 buttons occupy one analog port, saving resources High-quality Omron butto..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0006
Product Features: Expanding Board, Sensor Shield, V5.0, UNO Expansion Shield, PCB Mount Adopting a laminated design, the motherboard expands all the digital and analog interfaces of Arduino Uno in the form of servo line sequence; Only one kind of universal 3P sensor cable is needed (no distinction b..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0007
Specification: Microcontroller: ATmega32u4 Clock Speed: 16 MHz Operating Voltage: 5V DC Digital I/O Pins: 10 PWM Channels: 4 Analog Input Channels: 5 UART: 1 I2C: 1 Micro USB: 1 Flash Memory: 32 KB of which 4KB used by bootloader SRAM: 2.5 KB EEPROM: 1 KB Where is your products origin? Are they..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0024
Product Features: SIM800L Module, GSM/GPRS Module, IPX Antenna Interface, 4 Band, 5V, USB to TTL Serial Port The volume is suitable for various cuff styles and embedded; Self-playing card slot, easy to replace the mobile phone card, can be placed on the side of the box to reserve a replacement mobil..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0035
Características do produto:Placa de expansão, módulo de placa de expansão MP3, placa de gravação com slot de cartão, VS1053/VS1053B, Montagem PCBBaseado no design VS1053B baseado em VLSI, ele pode reproduzir vários formatos de música e suportar gravação em tempo real com codificação OGG;VS1053 é um ..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0041
Características do produto: Placa de expansão, Módulo de Placa de Expansão da Unidade de Motor, 4 Canais, L293D, Montagem PCB Novo escudo do motor L293D, tensão de entrada DC4.5-25V; Capacidade de corrente de saída de 600mA por canal; 1.2A corrente de saída de pico por canal (não repetitiva); Habili..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0040
Module Parameters: This module is a portable power bank, supports two voltage outputs of 3V / 1A and 5V / 2.2A; The rated current of the 5V voltage output is 2.2A, and the maximum current is 3A. The current output depends on the quality of the 18650 battery; MICRO USB charging current 600mA-800mA, s..
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Brand: Elecbee Model: EB-900-0009
Parameters: Microcontroller: ATmega32u4 Wifi:ESP8266 ESP-12E Storage:TF Micro SD Card Apply to: for Arduino Package: 1 x ATMEGA32U4 ESP8266 ESP12E Badusb TF Micro SD Virtual Keyboard Development Board Where is your products origin? Are they certificated? Elecbee have long-term cooperation agree..
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