Features of high -voltage interlock connectors

05/08/2022 Joan

High-voltage interlock connectors need to be used with batteries, motors, electrical control, and high-voltage systems. High-voltage interlocking connectors comply with LV215 or SR215 and USCAR industry standards. The most important performance of high-voltage interlock connectors is to ensure the safety of connectors in use. For high-voltage interlock connectors, the most important thing is the entire high-voltage system. The high-voltage system is generally designed to determine through electrical signals. Most manufacturers will design high-voltage designs inside the connector. Some manufacturers also put high-voltage interoperability inside, and then design a high-pressure interoperability method to ensure the stability of high-pressure interoperability. If the high-pressure interoperability is not continuous, the device will fail during use.


The Feature of high-voltage interlock connectors:


1. Sealing: the plate end and wire end need to reach the waterproof level of IP67/IP68/IP69/IP69K, and the waterproof IP67/IP68/IP69K waterproof grade is required when the board and the wire end are inserted. Some high-voltage mutual lock connectors are generally installed under the car chassis when they are used on the car. Most of the high -voltage intermodal connectors are near the ground near the ground or close to the tire. When the car passes through the pudding, the splashing water will impact the high -pressure intermodal connector. Therefore, when the high -voltage intermodal connector is used on the car, the waterproof level of the connector is generally required to reach the IP69K.


2. EMC/EMI: Usually, there will be many electronic components in the device, and the voltage and large current will generate a magnetic field. The high -voltage interlock connector is to achieve the shielding effect through three ways. First, the shielding layer is connected. There will be metal shell inside the plastic connector. The wire shielding layer and the shielding shell of the connector will form a 360 ° shielding layer. Second, spring connection. The metal pressure ring of the high -voltage interlock connector is wrapped around the wire shielding layer with aluminum foil, which can also achieve the shielding effect. In this way, the size of the connector is smaller and the occupation space is smaller, so the contacts of the connector will be more. Third, a shielding layer can be formed through a structure similar to wave springs.


3. High and low temperature: -60 °/+175 °. The use of high -pressure interoperability connectors is relatively wide and the environment used is relatively wide, so the temperature range requirements are relatively high.


4. Plate -end connector (socket) Anti -falling: The end of the high -voltage interoperability connector must have a structure to prevent falling off. Many high -voltage mutual lock connectors are mainly connected by copper row connections. This structure will fall off due to the vibration of the device due to the vibration of the device. Then the high -voltage interlock connector must be fixed with bolts or nuts when designing.


5. In the connection state, the contact pressure of the high -pressure interoperability connector is only related to the tiny spring. The contact pressure of the contacts is basically constant, avoiding the wear and electrostatic erosion of the contact.


6. The conductive contact is the fork ring structure. It is a typical line contact method. The working status is stable and reliable, the contact resistance is small, and the heat dissipation performance is good.


7. The connector does not have an arc extinguishing device, so connection or separation operations must be carried out in a state of power without electricity.


8. High-voltage interlocking connectors must be used in pairs. From the perspective of the product's versatility and interchangeability, the structure of each high -pressure connector is exactly the same, with good interchangeability, and there is no distinction between front and rear. In order to meet different operating requirements, it can be combined arbitrarily.


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