Circular connector manufacturer ranking

03/08/2022 wang shenfei

For purchasers, when they need to purchase circular connectors, they generally give priority to which manufacturer to choose because as long as the manufacturer chooses the right one, the quality is basically guaranteed, but the domestic circular connection There are so many manufacturers of connectors, how should customers and friends choose, and what is the current ranking of circular connector manufacturers? 

1. Primary source of goods

When choosing a manufacturer of circular connectors, in addition to the high-cost performance, the first-hand source of goods is also a very important consideration! High-cost performance is not only reflected in the reasonable price and on-time delivery, but also in the stable quality and service ability. Many purchasers or engineers want to quickly connect to obtain quotations and samples for confirmation when confirming the product model. To meet these needs, suppliers need to have human and resource advantages, and they can save time by having dedicated personnel for professional docking services and complete data.

2. Factory direct sales

Manufacturers of circular connectors have sufficient inventory according to the models with higher frequency, and they will be dispatched immediately after placing an order. Of course, there will also be orders for very useful models. 56 sets of precision automation equipment and a team of 100 people produce 24 hours a day, which can meet the delivery in 3-5 days. There are thousands of connector specifications for you to choose from, which can meet the needs of conventional electronic product applications.

3. Special services

Recently, circular connector manufacturers have also encountered some customers' inquiries about product customization. With the trend of innovative design and multi-functionality, conventional products can no longer meet the selection needs, and on-demand customization has become an inevitable problem. A connector manufacturer with 16 years of experience in the design and development of precision products, can perfectly fulfill the docking requirements in response to custom mold opening.

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