From which perspectives can you choose when purchasing automotive connectors?

06/05/2022 Admin

In our daily life, the car is a very important means of transportation and has a very high penetration rate. The prosperity of the automotive market has ushered in the spring of the automotive connector industry. Major automotive connector manufacturers control the quality of connectors. Also stricter than before. So what angles can you choose from when purchasing automobile connectors? Next year, Dosin Hardware and Electronic Engineers will come to popularize science and learn from which perspectives you can choose when purchasing automobile connectors.

Generally speaking, when choosing a car connector, we have to consider it from three perspectives, as follows:

1. Mechanical properties include mechanical life, mechanical foolproofness, and plug-in force of connectors.

2. The electrical properties of the connector mainly include: limiting current, contact resistance, insulation resistance and electric strength, etc.

3. Environmental performance: temperature resistance, humidity resistance, salt spray resistance, vibration, impact, etc. Choose according to the specific application environment. If the application environment is relatively humid, the requirements for the connector's moisture resistance and salt spray resistance are high, so as to prevent the metal contacts of the connector from being corroded. Generally, these conditions on automobiles need to be considered with reference to ISO16750.

After reading the above, you should be very clear about "what perspectives can you choose from when purchasing automotive connectors". For more knowledge articles related to automotive connectors, Dosin hardware and electronic engineers will continue to edit and publish them in the information channel with you. share. Dosin Hardware Electronics, a professional manufacturer of automotive connectors, our automotive connector products include fakra, charging guns, high-voltage interlocks, etc. If you have customized needs for automotive connectors, please call our toll-free hotline 400 directly -6263-698, professional engineers will answer your questions.


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