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20 Jun 9 knowledge points of D-Sub connector
zhouhan 0 51
Serial communication was once all the rage - it once became one of the most common methods for connecting peripherals such as printers, scanners, mice, and joysticks to personal computers. The most commonly used connector type for serial communicatio..
20 Jun Analysis of the relevant knowledge about RJ45 connectors
zhouhan 0 282
The RJ45 connector is a kind of information socket (ie communication terminal) connector in the wiring system. The connector is composed of a plug (connector, crystal head) and a socket (module). RJ is the abbreviation of Registered Jack, which means..
19 Jun How to choose your microwave connector?
zhouhan 0 35
In many RF and microwave applications, it is very important to choose the correct connector. The correct selection, use, and maintenance can extend the service life of the connector and optimize the performance of the system. Newcomers in the microwa..
18 Jun What are the performance and functions of the waterproof usb socket?
zhouhan 0 83
Waterproof USB socket_waterproof USB connector, as the name implies, is a USB socket and connector with a waterproof function. There are many kinds of USB sockets, and the USB socket mentioned by the editor is not a finished plug socket, but a semi-f..
18 Jun How much do you know about audio connectors
zhouhan 0 317
In daily life, we have seen and listened to a lot of wonderful music, they can make people happy, can make people sad, can make people dance unconsciously. It can soothe our wounds in times of pain, and give people hope in times of despair. The power..
18 Jun What is a RCA connector?
zhouhan 0 43
RCA terminal (RCA jack, or RCA connector), commonly known as plum blossom head, lotus head, is a widely used terminal, which can be used in analog video/audio (for example AV terminal (three-color cable)), digital audio (Example: S/PDIF) and color di..
26 May What you must know about BNC adapters
tongqing 0 117
BNC adapters e mainly used to connect workstations and other systems that require high scanning frequency. The BNC adapter can isolate the video input signal, reduce the interference between the signals and the signal bandwidth is larger than that o..
22 May Those additional M12 connector features and options
tongqing 0 112
The connector choice for a specific application can be further customized by selecting options such as those below: Gender: male, female, male/femaleTermination styles: crimp, screw, clamp, or IDT (Insulation Displacement Termination)Housing mate..
21 May Why M12 connectors are the right fit for the IIoT ?
tongqing 0 74
As sensors, data, and real-time decision-making transform manufacturing, M12 connectors deliver the speed, reliability, and ruggedness that smart factories demand. Global tech analysts predict that more than 20 billion devices will be connected ..
20 May How to Select a Dc Power Connector
tongqing 0 79
You have finished the initial phases of your new design and are anxious to see the project through to completion, but a few tasks remain, including the selection of the low voltage dc input power connector. Specifying the proper dc power connector i..
19 May How to choose the GX aviation plug socket waterproof connector
tongqing 0 72
The selection method of the GX air plug terminal is a mechanical element connected to the electrical line, so the electrical parameters of the connector itself are the problem that the connector is first to consider. Correctly selecting and using th..
18 May Industrial connector applied to solar photovoltaic systems
tongqing 0 76
The solar photovoltaic connector is used to connect to solar panels and other panels, batteries, and junction boxes. The most common solar photovoltaic connector type is the MC4 connector. This is a standardized single-pole connector with built-in s..
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