What are the differences and similarities between FFC connectors and FPC connectors

08/09/2022 wang shenfei

You who often follow our website should have learned a lot about pc connectors, but do you know the knowledge of fc connectors? We mentioned in the previous article that it is a classification in the fpc connector, so, in addition to this, what other differences and similarities are there between the ffc connector and the fpc connector, let's take a look .

We will analyze the differences and similarities between ffc connectors and fpc connectors from the aspects of definition, circuit formation, price and application fields, and characteristics, as follows:

A. The difference between ffc connector and fpc connector

1. Definitions are different. FPC connector (Flexible Printed Circuit board) is a flexible printed circuit board, FFC connector (Flexible Flat Cable) is a flexible flat cable connector, one is a circuit board, and the other is a flat cable.

2. The lines are formed in different ways. FPC is to process FCCL (flexible copper clad foil) by chemical etching to obtain flexible circuit boards with different single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer structures; The finished product is simpler and thicker.

3. The price is different. Due to the nature and design of the product, the price of ffc connectors is much lower than that of fpc connectors. But thanks to lower production costs, more companies prefer ffc-related designs.

B. Similarities between ffc connectors and fpc connectors

1. The application fields are the same. Both ffc connectors and fpc connectors are widely used in liquid crystal displays, scanners, plotters, scanners, copiers, audio, fax machines and other electronic equipment.

2. The characteristics are the same. Both the ffc connector and the fpc connector have the characteristics of excellent flexibility, flexible application, foldable, miniaturized manufacturing, small size, high-density integration, space saving, and simple wiring.

Through the above introduction, let's summarize: ffc connector is a lower cost, simpler design, thicker cable connector than fpc connector, but ffc connector has the same application fields and characteristics as fpc connector . So, the introduction about the differences and similarities between ffc connectors and fpc connectors is here, I hope this article can help you better understand these two electronic connectors.

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