RF Connector Customization Fee

05/08/2022 wang shenfei

In the factory's monthly shipments, RF connectors have always been at a high level. It can be said that it is our star series products. It is placed in the entertainment circle and has a proper top-notch existence. There are many different categories of RF connectors. The factory has prepared a large inventory of various conventional supplies. If the RF product you purchased happens to be within the range of our inventory, then congratulations, immediately It's ready to ship, no waiting. However, a general product cannot meet the needs of all RF customers. At this time, some customers will face the customization of RF connectors. So what should be selected for the customization of RF connectors? 

Generally speaking, RF connector manufacturers should pay attention to the following 8 points when selecting products, as follows:

1. The selected RF connector should conform to the actual frequency range used.

2. Under normal circumstances, the electrical performance of straight RF connectors is better than that of curved ones, and can be selected according to actual usage.

3. The selected RF connector should have a smaller standing wave ratio.

4. The selected RF connector should have a small insertion loss.

5. The selected RF connector should match the impedance of the mated RF connector or cable.

6. The EMC of threaded RF connectors is better than any bayonet, push-pull RF connectors.

7. When there are IM requirements, the material and coating of the RF connector should be considered.

8. When general RF connectors meet the requirements, high-performance RF connectors are not selected.

After understanding the precautions for customizing selected products of 10,000 RF connector manufacturers, the next question to be discussed is the cost. So how is the custom cost of RF connectors calculated? For custom connector products, if the customer just wants to customize the proofing, the price of the custom connector will be set according to the actual situation of the product.

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