How to choose a circular connector manufacturer

03/08/2022 wang shenfei

For purchasers, when they need to purchase circular connectors, there will always be an eternal problem, that is, how to choose circular connector manufacturers. Because the selection of high-quality circular connector manufacturers will make their procurement work go smoothly and ensure the reliability of the purchased products, how do you choose a circular connector manufacturer? 

It is not complicated to choose a circular connector manufacturer or manufacturer. As long as you have your production base, all the qualifications and materials of the products are up to the standard, and there is no problem with quality. Welcome to our official website to place an order. Products you need. After understanding how to choose a circular connector manufacturer, let's take a look at the production process of circular connectors, as follows:

1. Circular connector material selection

In the process of producing circular connectors, as a circular connector manufacturer, we must first confirm the customer's requirements for product materials. This is a very critical part. The raw materials are not well controlled, and all subsequent steps are useless. The material of the shell should consider the use environment, whether it needs to be shielded, whether it needs to be sealed, whether it needs to be environmentally friendly, etc. At present, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and Kovar alloy are selected, and the insulator is made of PTFE. strength. Secondly, consider its structure and select the size of the material.

2. Electroplating of circular connectors

The pins of the circular electrical connector are punched, and the shell should be sent for electroplating after the machining is completed. At this stage, the electrical contact surfaces of the connector are plated with various metal coatings. There are silver plating, gold plating, oxidation coloring, army green, chrome plating, nickel plating, stainless steel passivation, different technical requirements, and different production processes.

3. Injection molding of circular connectors

For circular connector products, injection molding is indispensable in the production process. The conventional process of insulators for general products is to inject molten plastic into the metal tire film, and then quickly cool it to form. Filled or partially plugged sockets of defective insulators (these sockets must be kept clean and unobstructed for proper mating with pins during final assembly). There are burrs around, so the machine vision system for quality inspection after injection molding is relatively simple and easy to implement. It is impossible to manually re-check, remove the electric burr, compare the electric light to see if there is any empty blockage, and use a needle to pass through it to ensure the quality.

4. Circular connector assembly

In the production of circular connectors, the last stage of the factory is the assembly process. After assembly, the plug-in test is to be carried out. There are two main types: single plug-in or combined plug-in. Single pairing means that one pin is inserted at a time; combined pairing means that multiple pins are connected to the box socket at the same time. No matter what kind of plugging method is chosen, the manufacturer or manufacturer of the circular connector requires that all the pins be detected for missing and correct positioning during the assembly stage; Whether it is flexible, and whether the positioning rivet is effective.

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