How to choose energy storage connector

29/07/2022 Joan

With the increasing growth of energy consumption, the widespread use of fossil fuels has an irrefutable adverse effect on the environment and global climate. If we continue to use resources at the current speed and have not improved in the new energy consumption method, the world will be There was no fossil fuel within 120 years. This will force humans to turn to renewable energy, which is a key issue for everyone. This will force humans to turn to renewable energy, which is a key issue for everyone. The energy storage industry has increased significantly in the past few years and has increased day by day. Elecbee focuses on the research and development and production of energy storage connectors, seek advanced methods to improve energy utilization, and is committed to green energy, and sustainable development of energy contribution for energy contribution. Essence Let ’s take a look at the characteristics of the energy storage connector.



                   straight                                                     Angled








Feature and advantages: 

Touch Proof 

360°Rotating Plug 

Compact robust Design 

Various Termination Options 

Three Colors are available

Quick Lock and Press-to-Release Design


Technical Parameter:

Rated Voltage: 1000V/DC

Rated Current:  From 60A to 500A MAX

Withstand Voltage:  2500V AC

Insulation Resistance:  ≥1000MΩ


Cable Range:  10~95m㎡

Connection Type: Terminal machine

Mating Cycles : >500


IP Degree: IP67 

Operating Temperature:-40℃~125℃

Flammability Rating:  UL94 V-0


Elecbee energy storage connectors are 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm, and can also provide a 14mm type to meet the customization needs of customers. The current regular style of the current model is 60A-350A. If you need a higher current, you can contact the phone at +86 18271418329, Or send emails to:, we are of service at any time, and look forward to cooperation with you.

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