There is a trick to choosing a terminal connector, let me tell you now!

23/06/2022 wang shenfei

There are many types of electrical connector product specifications. When selecting the appropriate terminal connector for the application equipment, there must be rules and regulations, not blindly. So what should you pay attention to when choosing a terminal connector? The following Dosin engineers will tell you some choices. The know-how of terminal connectors, I hope you can use this method well in actual procurement after reading it.

When selecting terminal connectors, generally speaking, you need to pay attention to eight aspects, as follows:

1. Remember performance requirements

When selecting, clarify the performance requirements of the product. For example, how many signals are there in total? What current, frequency, and voltage do they carry? Are the connector signal requirements analog, digital, or combined, etc. Because the signal combination affects the connector type, pinout and routing. For example, high-frequency signals may require coaxial connections, while low-level analog signals may require shielding.

2. Consider current rating and operating voltage

Current rating is one of the key metrics when purchasing terminal connectors. It is a measure of the amount of current that can flow through the mating terminals, ideally expressed in amperage per circuit, and should be based on the temperature rise of the adjacent terminals, according to a given The number of circuits in the housing to regulate or reduce the current.

3. Check space constraints

The size and weight of the terminal connector decreases as the available space decreases. However, their ability to withstand increased mating and unmating frequencies has greatly increased, so depending on what applies to your project and its design needs, you may need to look for more options in terminal connectors.

4. Verify the operating temperature range

While most electrical connectors are subject to extreme conditions such as vibration and shock, cable connectors and terminal connectors designed for extreme conditions and hazardous environments have special features to resist vibration and shock, as well as withstand extreme temperatures. Therefore, the appropriate terminal connector can be selected according to the location of the terminal connector, the proximity of the heat source, the operating temperature, and the frequency of mating and unmating.

5. Confirm the reliability level

It is a big mistake to choose a terminal connector product without considering its reliability. However, reliability is a complex concept that depends on several factors. Exact numbers are hard to pin down, but some connectors have a MTBF specification. This can be used as a guide for choosing the right connector for any application.

6. Ensure good environmental sealing

Certain environments require protection against ingress of flammable or flammable gases, vapors, dust or liquids. The terminal connectors are environmentally sealed to prevent accidental splashes. Once you know the required level of security, you can verify the IP rating number in the IP code system and see if the correct terminal connector has been picked.

7. Factors of material and electroplating

Usually, terminal material, plating is the last factor we want to consider, since most terminal products are made of nylon plastic, with high flame continuity resistance flammability rating. Standard options available include tin, lead and select gold for most applications. Substrates are typically made of phosphor bronze or brass because of their excellent strength and current-carrying capabilities even after prolonged exposure to high ambient temperatures.

8. Calculate Pricing

The price of a connector is usually calculated based on the total cost including the receptacle and plug, the cost of the terminal connector, and the labor cost of connecting the wire to the terminal and inserting it into the housing. So the most important criteria will determine the type and size of electrical connectors. Other factors to consider here include operating voltage, wire size, configuration, engagement force, and circuit size.

After reading the above content, you should have a basic grasp of the tips for selecting terminal connectors. For more knowledge on terminal connector procurement, the Desso operation team will continue to edit and publish them on the terminal technology topic to share with you . If you want to purchase products related to terminal connectors, you can go to our special page: to check the terminal products you want, each of which has passed ISO certification, In line with international environmental protection requirements, the after-sales system is perfect, and the one-year free warranty is still in consideration. Immediately call the consultation hotline: 400-6263-698 to place an order.

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