Design of energy storage connector

16/06/2022 Joan

How to Choose the best design energy storage connector 


With the booming development of new energy vehicles, the market demand for new energy connectors is increasing, and various new energy connectors are emerging endlessly, and the most common is the energy storage connector.


The energy storage connectors designed by different companies will have their own characteristics to meet the needs of customers in different use environments. So how to design the energy storage connectors is an important problem. In order to know better about the energy storage connector, let us discuss the most important factors when designing an energy storage connector


The design of the energy storage connector needs to be considered the following five aspects, as follows:


1. The design of the energy storage connector must conform to product use and technical characteristics, and it must be easy to install and repair


2. The design of the energy storage connector must be conducive to improving the utilization of metal materials, reducing the types and specifications of materials, and minimizing the consumption of materials. Use low-cost materials as much as possible, and minimize the waste of parts as much as possible;


3. It has a simple shape and reasonable structure, which is conducive to simplifying the mold structure. The number of simplified sequences is to complete the processing of the entire part with the minimum and simplest stamping process. Reduce the processing of other methods and facilitate stamping operations. It should be easy to organize mechanized and automated production to increase labor productivity;


4. It should try to reduce the size of the accuracy and surface roughness levels, which is conducive to product switching, reduce waste, and ensure stable product quality::


5. The design of the energy storage connector should be used as much as possible to process existing equipment, process equipment, and processes, which is conducive to the service life of the extension of the mold.


So now I believe you have a deeper understanding of the energy storage connector. If you need to purchase an energy storage connector, or you still need to know more about the energy storage connector, pls e-mail us at, we will provide more help.

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