Briefly describe the types of outer packaging materials for electronic harnesses and cables

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For those who often purchase components, they must have encountered the procurement project of electronic wiring harness and cable products, so do you know what types of outer packaging materials are available for electronic wiring harnesses and cables? If you don't know anything about layer packaging materials, you can read this article compiled by the editor.

Dosin Hardware Electronics engineers pointed out that cables and electronic harnesses are often used in different environmental scenarios, and their outer packaging materials provide an additional layer of insulation against abrasion, chemicals, electromagnetic interference, fluids, heat, moisture Wire harness protection in a variety of configurations, depending on factors such as color, material, and size. Next, Desso hardware and electronic engineers will introduce the types of outer packaging materials for electronic wiring harnesses and cables in detail.

1. Heat shrink tube

Dosin engineers point out that the heat shrink tubing tightly wraps the wires, which smoothes rough surfaces, provides thermal and electrical insulation, and the adhesive-backed tubing provides a strong seal that prevents moisture and chemicals from corroding the wiring harness components , requires the use of a heat gun, which increases production time and may also be difficult to apply to the entire harness.

2. Casing

Sleeves Expandable or packable sleeves are easy to install and highly flexible for quick and easy wire bundling. Braided polyethylene sleeves are popular because they are durable and lightweight, even at low temperatures. Full flexibility in orientation allows cable assemblies and wire bundles to be bent repeatedly without damage.

3. Spiral wound pipe

Spiral-wound tubing allows cables and electrical harnesses to enter and exit the overpack material at multiple points, and is also available in a variety of color options for easy identification, for example, orange is often used for high-voltage applications.

4. Split loom tube

Split loom tubes are generally cut from the side down for easy insertion of cables and electronic harnesses, the cut is closed after installation, and no need to heat shrink or dispense the ends, thus reducing production time, plastic tubes are usually made of polyamide, polyethylene or Made of polypropylene, however, handling does not compress wiring which can be cumbersome.

5. Tape

Tapes: Single-coated pressure-sensitive tapes are available in a variety of backing materials and pressure-sensitive adhesives. PVC is the most commonly used tape material, but other materials are available, including cloth, felt, foam, and aluminum foil. In addition, tapes are also the smallest. Maximize the flexibility of the wiring harness.

After reading the above, you should be very clear about "types of outer packaging materials for electronic wiring harnesses and cables". For more knowledge about electronic wiring harnesses and cable outer packaging materials, the editor will continue to edit and publish the wiring harness topic. share with you. Dosin Hardware Electronics, a domestic professional manufacturer of electronic wiring harnesses and cables, has always been far ahead in the ranking of electronic wiring harness manufacturers in Dongguan. The product quality is excellent, and it has a high market share and is deeply trusted by users. If you need To purchase electronic wiring harnesses, cables and connectors related products, you can directly call our toll-free hotline: 400-6263-698, and professional engineers will answer your questions for free.

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