What are QMA Connectors?

07/01/2023 Leon

The QMA connector was developed as a snap-lock alternative to the standard SMA connector. The connector has the same internal construction as the SMA connector and has similar RF performance characteristics and mechanical durability. The main difference is that the QMA connector has a 360º swivel snap-in locking interface for quick installation, low RF leakage and no tools required.

                                                                                         QMA Male Body                              QMA Female Body

QMA connectors are most commonly used in cellular base station hardware, SCADA radios and a range of wireless test equipment. They are also suitable for military hardware such as radar and satellite systems that require durability, strength, and quick disconnect functionality.


The QMA connector family was developed in 2003 by the Quick Lock Forum (QLF) consortium. The alliance includes RF interconnect companies with certified intermateable QMA and QN connectors, which are quick-disconnect versions of SMA and Type N connectors. Both offer easier installation with their patented snap-fit interface instead of threaded fittings. Only QLF Alliance members can guarantee product interoperability between manufacturers. Members include Huber+Suhner AG, Radiall SA, Rosenberger and Amphenol RF.


Key specifications of QMA connectors:


Impedance: 50Ω

Frequency Range: DC - 6 GHz (optimized); DC to 18 GHz (operating range)

Coupling Mechanism: Quick Lock Coupling

Dielectric Withstand Voltage (Sea Level): 1000 VRMS 50 Hz

Mating durability: 100 mating cycles

Temperature Range: -40°C / +105°C

Where I can use QMA connector?

QMA connectors are most commonly used in cellular base station hardware, SCADA radios, and a range of wireless test equipment. They are also suitable in military hardware such as radar and satellite systems, where durability, strength, and quick-disconnection features are desired.



The QMA connector is a quick disconnect version of the SMA connector and shares the same internal construction, which allows the connector to have excellent performance up to 18 GHz. Because of the innovative coupling mechanism, a 360-degree butt joint is maintained resulting in low RF leakage. Since the RF line is identical to the SMA series, the QMA connectors also offer the same high power handling capability. This gives the series significant advantages over other quick disconnect connectors.

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